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WHAT’S AN EXPENSE IN QUICKBOOKS ONLINE: So to begin with, we should have an unmistakable comprehension about what a cost is in QuickBooks. What precisely is a cost and when do we have to utilize it in QuickBooks Online? 
An Expense is by and large anything that your organization burns through cash on to keep it up and running. Cases of costs are lease, telephone charges, site facilitating expenses, office supplies, bookkeeper expenses, junk benefit, janitorial expenses, and so forth.
BILL VS. Cost VS. CHECK: Whatever exchange you enter in QuickBooks will without a doubt influence your records. It is constantly better to do it right the first run through! 
To dodge any disarray between bills, costs and checks, I will clarify every one. 
Bills are solicitations from merchants that are to be paid later. For instance, when you get a bill from your merchant for an item or administration and it isn't expected till the finish of the month. Here is a connection to my blog entry on the mo…